ISDU : integrated smoke detector unit for commercial microwave ovens
Lloyd, Cory (Author)
Hill, Aaron (Author)
Babineau, Matthew (Author)
Robinson, Matthew (Author)
Chin, Andrew (Author)
April 17, 2007
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We suggest that smoke detection devices be integrated into range ovens and microwaves, the leading causes of domestic structure fires. There have been various detectors made for microwave ovens, but none have been implemented to detect smoke. Our design will work on the principles that when smoke is detected during microwave operation, the device will temporarily disable microwave operation and let the user know that the food has begun to smoke or even burn. The product, Integrated Smoke Detection Unit (ISDU) for commercial microwave ovens, will work in the following way. The presence of particulate during cooking will trigger our device thus sounding an alarm and halting microwave operations. To allow for flexibility during cooking we will implement a user-adjustable sensitivity control. During our research we have discovered only one patent referring to this concept, however, that patent has since lapsed due to non-payment of maintenance fees. In our implementation we considered several optional features including integration into infrastructure security systems as well as possible inclusion into the future digital home concept. Our design fits well with the digital home concept because it offers the user full remote access to information and control over the microwave. We have spoken with numerous consumers of different backgrounds about this subject and in every case all of them agreed with the necessity of the design as well as a curiosity to why this is yet to be produced. Therefore, it is clear that this design will be easily marketable to the general public as an additional safeguard against fires occurring in the kitchen due to user negligence.
Capstone group project presentation advised by Pr. Salehi
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Fire detectors -- Technological innovations
smoke detection devices
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