Health C²UBE

Health C²UBE : physical therapy cadence compliance for UBE device
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Health C2UBE
Falcone, Daniela (Author)
Kouleya, Sophine (Author)
Kombouras, Christos (Author)
Mimani, Kozeta (Author)
Muhammad, Zeid (Author)
Stamos, Nick (Author)
Tuballes, Gregory (Author)
Charles DiMarzio (Contributor)
Karen Hutchinson (Contributor)
January 01, 2007
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Amputees and patients with myelopathy have difficulties with the accessibility of health care facilities for physical therapy. Patients are prescribed exercise regimens to do within their own home, usually with an Upper Body Ergometer (UBE) to assist in their rehabilitation. Statistically, disabled patients have lower heart rate variability (HRV) and tracking such measures is imperative due to the fact that measurement of said data is a strong indicator of cardiovascular health. The UBE is a common cycling exercise machine made for amputee patients or those with myelopathy.

Therapists complain of patients not following their prescribed home workout regimes and of poorly self-logged progress reports. Our objective is to fabricate a device, Health C²UBE, to monitor and evaluate compliance of a patient during cardiac rehabilitation in addition to extracting concrete data for analysis.

Health C²UBE will be used together with a UBE to monitor the heart rate, heart rate variability, and revolutions per minute (RPM). The Health C²UBE will be capable of exporting and storing the results of the patient to a server by way of ethernet. It makes it possible for physical therapists or other medical professionals to monitor and view the information from a distance outside the hospital or clinic. The device is unique since it allows a physical therapist to monitor the progress of a patient's workout regimens via the web, whereas other similar devices do not. In our following report, we will illustrate our guidelines and design, in which engineering can continue to improve the quality of life for those in medical need.


Capstone group project presentation advised by Pr. Masoud Salehi

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Heart rate monitoring
physical therapy
upper body ergometer (UBE)
Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering